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What is it?

TheHackLabs is a vulnerability search engine built for ethical hackers and penetration testers.

Build Better Apps

Choose the most secure software and tools to build your applications with by knowing what has the fewest vulnerabilities.

Enhance Ethical Hacking

Knowing the vulnerabilities to exploit is half the battle, and TheHackLabs supports you in this endeavor.

Know What To Fix

By knowing the vulnerabilities in the tools you use, you can work on securing them as fast as possible.

Why use a Vulnerability Search Engine?

The Vulnerability search engine is an integral part of the cyberspace and its purpose is to help computer users find out how to discover vulnerabilities of their own programs or programs they intend to use. A vulnerability search engine is a system that tracks vulnerabilities, from simple coding errors to complex cyber threats.

An application vulnerability search engine would be the perfect tool for developers, from development companies to CTOs, to even end-users. Every user should have this information in order to choose the best software to protect them from the attacks and make informed decisions on what to build your platform with.

Vulnerability Search Engine


See the most common questions our ethical hacker search engine gets!

Is TheHackLabs Legal?

Yes, TheHackLabs is just a vulnerability search engine, as such all this does is search already existing vulnerability databases to list all the vulnerabilities it can for a bit of software, and is mean’t for ethical hacking and for developers to be able to secure their applications by understanding the vulnerabilities in the tools it’s based on.

What IS illegal is being a right melt and trying to hack something that isn’t yours, so yeah, don’t do that, thanks.

Who is this for?

Pretty much anyone in need of a vulnerability search engine – Developers and ethical hackers, as well as any webmaster who wants to see potential security risks.

Honestly if you run WordPress check each plugin for vulnerabilities as I swear the amount of sites I’ve cleaned up that the plugin was the issue for is unreal.

How is this free?

Pretty much a mix or low bandwidth due to not hosting the results directly and it having very mild ad support in the search itself, plus maybe sponsors at some point.

How often are new databases added?

TheHackLabs already grabs data from quite a few high quality sources, some generalised and others specific to a certain CMS, as such, unless the database offers unique results there is little point adding it, if we did we would just be giving duplicate results.

Do you offer advertisements?

Indeed we do, if you want to have a sponsored result just hit us up on our contact form and we can discuss rates, currently as the site is still in BETA the rate would start very small, so this would be a good time to get on board!

How do i find out what my site is running?

If you dont know the technology powering your site, you can use our technology lookup tool to find out.


Want to learn more about ethical hacking and how to get the most out of TheHackLabs? Then check out our blog!

Faster Load Times and better social media integration

Faster Load Times and better social media integration

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