How to secure your WordPress site

Written by Connor

March 28, 2020

WordPress is a great platform, its super simple to use and extremely flexible and with the right theme/plugin/developer used, you can achieve literally anything with it, this is why it is one of the most popular platforms on the planet!

The issue with popularity is that it causes it to be a common target for hacking, and while WordPress itself is quite good and secure, there are other ways they can get into your site and cause all types of damage, this article will cover How to secure your WordPress site to make it much harder for hackers to get in!

Don’t use simple passwords

How to secure your WordPress site by using strong passwords

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If you can guess it in 5 tries, they can too! Use a unique password that’s long and uses capitalisation, numbers and unique characters where possible, the longer and more varied it is, the harder it will be for the hackers to brute force their way in.

Install a security plugin

How to secure your WordPress site with a strong security plugin

There are many security plugins for WordPress that exist and can help to secure a site, some are more in-depth and complicated than others, I quite like iThemes Security since you pretty much just install it and follow their one click security steps to fix 99% of potential risks in under a minute, you can then go through all the settings and tweak them further to get more out of the plugin, but the initial steps alone can really help!

Keep everything up to date

How to secure your WordPress site by keeping everything up to date

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Part of the reason themes and plugins get updates is to patch security holes, as such leaving them outdated poses numerous security risks, and for 99% of sites it is totally unnecessary. Most of the time, you can just have your theme and plugins be automatically updated and save yourself a lot of time.

Keep backups

How to secure your WordPress site with backups

Sometimes a plugin will break things, or you will (god forbid) get hacked, and trust me when I say that restoring a site from a backup is so much easier than trying to recover and fix an already hacked site! A lot of web hosts keep backups for you, so its always good to check with them, but for more control install and setup a backup plugin within WordPress such as Updraft and that should give you some fallbacks for if something breaks or you get hacked.

Check for vulnerabilities

How to secure your WordPress site by checking for theme and plugin vulnerabilities

Even with all of your themes and plugins being fully up to date, it is possible for them to still be vulnerable! this is very common with abandoned or nulled themes and plugins, and if this is the case, you need to find an alternative ASAP, you can use our vulnerability search engine to help find out what needs replacing, most of the time there are hundreds of alternatives for most plugins, so its just the case of finding the risky ones and replacing them with something that has more support.

How to secure your WordPress site – In conclusion

Securing a WordPress site literally takes 10 minutes out of your day and will save you so much headache in the future, so its worth doing, like right now!

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