Microsoft Alerts Users Of Zero-Day RCE Vulnerability In Windows 7 Being Actively Exploited

Written by Connor

March 27, 2020

Microsoft issued an alarm for many Windows users. This zero-day vulnerability chiefly effects Windows 7 consumers.

Reportedly, an alert has been issued by Microsoft . The bug is present in Adobe Form Manager Library (atmfd.dll) which eases making PostScript Type 1 fonts within the OS. What is annoying is that before grabbing the interest of the sellers for a repair, hackers were brought by it. This vulnerability is under active manipulation. Microsoft has noticed that the manipulation of the vulnerability against Windows 7. According to their own advisory:

Two remote code execution vulnerabilities exist in Microsoft Windows if a ribbon — Adobe Type 1 PostScript format is improperly handled by the Windows Adobe Type Manager Library. There are ways an attacker can exploit the vulnerability, like viewing it or forcing a user to open a file.

At the moment, no repair is available to get the bug all patched up. They’re working on that patch now though, which they hope will be available the following patch Tuesday. 

Until then, Microsoft shared tactics to mitigate this defect. Although the chance of this bug being exploited at this stage is not likely, some sources state the bug also exists in Windows 10.

The possibility of remote code implementation is minimal and elevation of privilege isn’t feasible.

Windows 7 users can use the workarounds.

  • Disable the Preview Pane and Details Pane from Windows Explorer. Though, this might impact the display of OTF fonts.
  • Disable the WebClient support
  • Rename the ATMFD.DLL

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